Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mom and Her Five Daughters!

A few photos of us girls with Mom in the gazebo on the property of the Smoketown Motor Lodge. These photos were taken on Saturday evening, March 27, 2010.

Back Row L to R - Jodi, Mom, Heidi
2nd Row L to R - Holly, Dixie
Center Front - Lyndi

See above

Lyndi and Mom

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Meeting Friends for Lunch on Saturday!

On Saturday we met up with friends for lunch at Brickerville House and Restaurant. Thank you, girls, for coming to visit with us. It was great to see you all again. It had been too long. I hope that we don't have as great a time lapse between this visit and the next one as there was between this one and the last one. It is hard to believe that it had been almost 5 and 1/2 years between visits for Sharon and me and almost two years between visits for Doat and me. It was great to meet your girls, Sharon. They are absolute dolls!

Sharon and I

Holly, Doat, and Doat's niece

Doat and I.

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Lodging in Lancaster

We stayed at the Smoketown Motor Lodge. It was a nice place out of town on a side road. The place was pretty full on Friday night as it was quilt convention in Lancaster. Hopefully we didn't keep too many ladies up on Friday night as we spent the evening talking and laughing. The place wasn't sound proof! :)

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Cracker Barrel in Lancaster, PA

We met the rest of the clan in Lancaster, PA at Cracker Barrel for supper. Below are a few pictures from our time together at Cracker Barrel.

Heidi, Silas, and Mom

The guys that joined us for supper (Matt and Mike)

Jodi and Holly

I took a picture of Lyndi but I have left it off as it wasn't too flattering. I don't think she would appreciate me putting it on here.

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On Thursday evening Holly and I headed to Ohio to Mom's house. We ran into a horrible snow storm. The roads were very treacherous. We saw at least five semis off the road as well as multiple other vehicles. I am very thankful we made it to Mom's without mishap. We spent the night with her and then got up and headed to Gettysburg, PA on our way to Lancaster, PA. We didn't have much time to spend in Gettysburg, so our first stop was Lee's Headquarters. We then went to the Gettysburg National Military Park Visitor's Center where we just spent time in the bookstore. We purchased an audio tour of the battlefield and proceeded to do the first three stops. After that it was time to head to Lancaster, PA to meet the rest of the girls.

Lee's Headquarters

Mom dressed in gray!

Mom, Holly, and I with Lincoln

A barn that played an important role in the Battle of Gettysburg!

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