Friday, August 13, 2010


We are still here.  I have had problems with uploading pictures from my camera to my computer, so I haven't blogged.  I think everything has been resolved in regards to uploading pictures, so now I need to try and find time in my day to blog.

We have had a busy summer.  We started off June with Family Camp and then it was on to Youth Camp the end of June and first of July.  Next came Kids' Camp immediately followed by two Vacation Bible Schools.

The last week of July found us with company.  My sister Jodi and her five children visited with us from Monday through Wednesday and then Grandma (my Mom) came to visit on Wednesday through Friday.  While Grandma was here, we visited Conner Prairie.  My sister Holly and three of her five children enjoyed Conner Prairie with us.   Thursday found us visiting the home of Levi Coffin, a Quaker, who helped to free 2,000 slaves via the Underground Railroad.  On Friday Mom got ready to head home and we traveled with her as far as Geneva, Indiana and visited Limberlost State Historic Site, the home of Gene Stratton-Porter author of Freckles, The Girl of the Limberlost and many more.  We had a terrific guide and enjoyed learning many things about Mrs. Porter and nature.

Since coming home from Limberlost, Samuel has read both Freckles and The Girl of the Limberlost.  He is now wanting me to purchase Laddie: A True Blue Story.  These books have been read and loved by many in my family over the years.  I remember many of the original and/or older editions encased behind glass on shelves in my grandparents' dining room.  They were carefully borrowed, read, and returned to their rightful place.  So it thrilled my heart to see my son develop an interest in reading these books that have held a place dear to the heart in our family.

We shall have completed our second week of school come the end of the day.  These two weeks have been extremely busy and we are looking forward to a field trip one day next week to a Discover Nature Program.

Until next time,


Randel Family said...

you know maybe we could sneak in a certain persons house in the night and get those books !!!LOL

Brenda said...

That's awesome - I loved reading those books too!

Life of a plainlady said...

Sounds like you have had a lot of fun. The part about the Quaker house was interesting. Some of Kevin's ancestors were distant cousins to Levi! We would like to visit it some day!