Monday, January 06, 2014

Winter Wonderland 2014

Today we enjoyed a family day at home due to the winter storm that brought at least ten inches of fresh snow.  It was a beautiful, snowy day with the temperature hovering between 32 and 34 degrees.  We spent several hours outside this afternoon taking pictures, building a snowman, building snow forts, throwing snowballs, and shoveling sidewalks.  

Tomorrow is supposed to bring temperatures so frigid that it will be impossible to go out and play in the snow!  They are forecasting a high of -11 degrees and a lo of -17 degrees with a windchill of -39 degrees to -44 degrees.  Yikes!  

Tonight I spent time figuring out how to blog pictures after being unable to blog them through Picasa as I had done in the past.  Yeah!  Between my husband and myself, we got it figured out!  Enjoy!

Our Home!

The woods and creek behind our home.

The woods behind our home

The bird feeder my Dad made for us many years ago!

The boys in the woods throwing snowballs and Briana sledding down the hill.

The girls sledding.

Jeff throwing snowballs at the boys!






I love the expressions on the girls' faces in this picture!

Samuel giving Briana a push start on the sled.

Curtis, Alex, and Julissa standing behind their snow fort!

Samuel standing behind his snow fort!

Briana preparing to throw snowballs! She was on Samuel's side.


The Arender's said...

Your family is getting so big and it looks like you all had a lot of fun with the snow;)

Theresa said...

Love your pictures!