Thursday, March 15, 2007

Update on Alex

They believe that he has a virus along with what they think is an allergy induced asthma. They are not labeling him as an asthmatic at this point but are going to put him on Singulair which is a preventative allergy/asthma medication. They have also presribed him an albuterol inhaler just in case we find it necessary before the Singulair kicks in. In looking back through his chart, we found that he had gone in for this same thing last March 21st so they plan to just go ahead next March 1st and get him started on the Singular again in hopes of elimating these initial flare ups that seem to come with spring weather.


Vicki said...

Singular works great. Both the boys are on it and don't have to use inhalers anymore!

Dixie said...


It is great to hear success stories regarding the Singulair. Alex started it this evening. I am hoping it takes effect before too many days.