Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday's Update

Dad was up in a chair for a little while today. The therapists also had him walk from his bed over to near the door. They were on either side of him supporting him as he walked. He had to stop and rest every little bit, but it is definite progress. It is definitely going to take time to build muscle again after having been down for almost six weeks.

The ENT doctor was in today to clean out and irrigate Dad's nose. He will be back in next week to double check and make sure everything continues to go well. The speech therapist came in today and was able to clean out all the dried blood, etc. off the roof of his mouth. We are hoping that with all this stuff being cleared out and as he begins to be more alert that he will be able to pass the swallow evaluation and begin eating on his own again.

The GI doctor was in today. There is some blood showing up in the stool. At this point, his blood levels are going to be watched. The doctors are thinking that maybe it is just leftover blood that was swallowed during all the bleeding from the nose. So as long as his blood levels don't drop drastically, he will just continue to be watched. The doctor is going to stop his blood thinner for at least today and possibly tomorrow just to be on the safe side.

There is still some concern about the hydrocephalus on the brain. He will have another CT Scan on Monday to assess this again. The doctor is hoping that it will just quietly go away, otherwise, there is a possibility that we could be looking at another procedure to drain off some of that fluid.

The culture of the tip of his central line was positive so blood cultures are being run today to check for infection in the blood. Hopefully whatever was growing on the tip was only on that and not in the blood. We will not know for several days.

Please continue to pray for Dad and Mom. Please pray for me as I will be flying home in the morning. Then on Friday, Lyndi will be flying out again to be with Mom and Dad.

It may be Friday before I will be able to update again depending on how busy things are tomorrow once I am home. So if you don't hear from me tomorrow, you will hopefully hear something on Friday.


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